Try an Ultra-Quick Workout

Try an Ultra-Quick Workout

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Photo by Jordan Shakeshaft

There's no magic trick for working out without putting in any effort, but it is possible to get the same workout in a lot less time (minimal effort required). Try these tactics to pick up the pace:

  • Use supersets (aka decrease rest time between sets). It'll speed things up and may lead to a more effective strength training session.
  • Try high-intensity interval training, like Tabata. As the name suggests, it's definitely intense. But it can also provide an effective workout in under 10 minutes.
  • Do compound lifts, like lunges and deadlifts. These work the whole body instead of isolated muscles.
  • Run intervals instead of at slow and steady pace to fit in cardio in less time and in a smarter way.
  • Read on for 16 more ways to exercise more efficiently…

The Takeaway: Try a new workout to cut down on gym time. Proper planning and locker room shortcuts can also help move things along.

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