Healthier Choices: Natalie Coughlin Eyes the Prize

Healthier Choices: Natalie Coughlin Eyes the Prize

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Much like a shark, Natalie Coughlin can't stop moving. The American swimmer has won pretty much every swimming award there is, including 12 Olympic medals over three Olympics. She co-holds the title of most decorated American Female Olympian and in 2007 was the most decorated female swimmer in World Championship history. Oh yeah, and she's won a medal in every Olympic event she's ever entered.

Enough already, right?

Well the hits keep on coming, even out of the pool. Greatist recently interviewed Coughlin about how she stays fit, cheat meals, her most surprising talent, being an athlete, and more. Turns out Coughlin is an avid cook with a backyard garden of homegrown fruits and vegetables and five chickens (for eggs). She's helped raise money for Right to Play, supported anti-doping and clean competition programs, and even spent some time burning up the dance floor on “Dancing with the Stars.” Coughlin's latest project is a brand new partnership with LensCrafters to help promote eye health (an area of concern for Coughlin considering her eyes have spent so much time underwater).

It's not always easy to be an Olympic legend and also a down-to-earth advocate for health. Check out Coughlin's scorecard below and find out what healthier choices inspire her.

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