Fight Hunger with a Smart, Low-Cal Snack

Fight Hunger with a Smart, Low-Cal Snack

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Sometimes the gap between meals is just too long for a growling tummy. And despite the best-laid plans, eating a “light snack” can often turn into a full-on chowfest. To make the most out of a mid-day meal, pick a healthy bite full of flavor and nutrients. A mashed sweet potato jazzed up with curry powder, salt, and pepper is loaded with fiber to keep you full and zest to keep those taste buds happy. To prepare this A+ snack, pop a medium sweet potato in the microwave for six minutes, and then mash it up with a fork.

Do it Today: When the 3 p.m. munchies hit, curb hunger with a healthy, low-calorie snack like a curry-infused mashed sweet potato.

Seasonal Eats:

Chow down on a fall-themed snack.

Charge Up:

How, exactly, to eat right before, during, and after a workout.